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Two Women Farting


評論 (55):

jmeez 12 years ago
Imagine the blonde showed up at your house and sat on your face your nose directly in her anus and farted so you smell her stinky doodoo. then she goes further and cups her anus around your mouth and poops a nice medium brown stinky turd into your mouth!
Damian 9 years ago
This is why we can't have nice things.
Bruhh 7 years ago
Lmfaooo wtf did I just watch
Well damn 7 years ago
I'm trying to cum and these comments are just so funny. I'm just gonna sleep. Y'all have a great night homies. May you cum in peace
Sophie 6 years ago
What would make this video more nastier if she shits on her face and the other starts eating it eww right?? Lol
Anddd 7 years ago
That's how you get pinkeye!
Jeremy Whitby 2 years ago
I love those farts
Wank 9 years ago
This is about the best you can get in farting. The blonde girl knows everything about using her tongue, her asshole and farts. I love her.
Smart Feller 10 years ago
Hi my name is Fart Smeller.
MuddaFuka2747 10 years ago
"Well that's a softening sight.". XD